Is the traditional wedding industry just not providing you with what you
are looking for?
It drove us nuts too, so we left it and opened 2 Penguins instead. We still love doing weddings, but the emphasis here is on your preferences and creating the party that you want. Casual, less traditional weddings are what we do.

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Prior to opening 2 Penguins our parent company, Panache Catering,
operated two popular wedding venues, serving thousands of traditional
weddings. We know how to put on a great wedding reception from having
done it for a long time. We eventually got to the point that we felt
that the industry had gotten out of control, and we are glad we did.
You don’t need to spend outrageous amounts of money nor adhere to what
the media (or your mom) tells you your wedding should be. Tell us
what you want and we will provide it within a budget that will work.

2 Penguins offers the less traditional bride and groom the best of both
worlds. Great beer and full bar, outdoor patio and indoor beer hall,
a variety of menus from simple happy hours to full blown dinners, and
the experience to create a stress free day for you and your family.

Your wedding should be what you want it to be. A fun party for your
friends and family with as much or as little tradition as you want mixed